What is Tennis?


A racket sport is what tennis is and it’s played to people who stand opposite of one another divided by a net. Each individual has tennis racquet to hit a ball that they use. There is one ball on the court and one person serves to other person.

Tennis can be played as single or doubles. This means that you can play tennis with yourself and another person or you can play with you and someone else on your team vs another two people against you all.

The sport of tennis also referred to as its original name “lawn tennis,” originated in the 19th century supposedly. It’s an Olympic sport enjoyed by many people around the world of all ages. Even kings use to play and watch the sport for enjoyment.

Now when it comes to playing the game, the person who hits the ball across the net “serves the ball.” Think of it as being the person to cook up a dish in the kitchen. Once the ball is hit across the net and lands on the rival’s court area, they must hit it back or else the person score.

That’s essentially how tennis played. To learn tennis drills for beginners, you can visit the highlighted portion of this sentence. Thanks for reading!