Best Babolat Tennis Racquets

Top 5 Babolat Racquets

babolat tennis racquet

When it comes to tennis, Babolat is already a forefront. It has established its company’s name as early as 1875 and is still one of the leading companies providing the best quality tennis racquets. Ever since the discovery of the first tennis string, this company has gained its reputable image as one of the best suppliers of tennis equipments and accessories.

Through time, the company has produced thousands of quality tennis racquets, with each year coming as a breakthrough for constantly improving and releasing new kinds of racquets. A number of their tennis racquets make it to the list of the best tennis racquets each year. Check out these top babolat racquets currently dominating the market.

AeroPro Drive

The release of this racquet has been a big success in 2013. Because of the incorporation of the Active Cortex Technology, there has been an improved comfort in the handle for better grip. Increased control on the ball is the aim of this breakthrough racquet. This is achieved through its stiffness reduction feature. It has truly a significant improvement from its previous version.

Pure Drive

While AeroPro Drive focuses on the controllability of the ball, Pure Drive, on the other hand, gives importance to power. Being released later in 2015, it is one of the few racquets which acquired the FSI (frame-string interaction) technology. Its denser string pattern gives way for the racquet to establish a new sweetspot. There is enhanced response of the stringbed which allows you to initiate rally. This is definitely a must-have.

Pure Aero

This racquet technically replaced AeroPro Drive, having more advanced technology such as FSI and aerodynamic beam. Its difference though with FSI spin technology is that, it has wider cross strings for better bite.  But most of all, the main thing about this tennis racquet is its maximum performance when it comes to spins. Pure Aero is indeed spin-friendly.

Pure Aero Lite

If the ones above-mentioned top Babolat racquets are for advanced players, Pure Aero Lite can be an ally for both beginners as well as pros. Its lightweight feature makes it very suitable for amateur players. It is basically Pure Aero, but with reduced weight, which also has FSI spin technology for added bite. This is perfect for new players grasping for power as well as advanced players looking forward to perfect blend of control and power.

Pure Strike 100

Pure Strike 100 features a heavier weight and larger headsize. With these aspects, it is specifically designed for advanced players which have already mastered using state of the art racquet technology. Being a notorious racquet, it is exclusively designed to have unique dark blue and orange highlights for the purpose of distracting the opponent. This racquet is truly a trademark of Babolat.

Choosing the best brand is a little hard, but choosing the top Babolat racquets is actually harder. With countless products available in the market, you get to choose only one. But before doing so, you must be highly knowledgeable about the top tennis racquets to choose from. Make sure to count Babolat in and it’ll make your scores counted.